• Toothbrushing Mistake No.9: “Not Letting the Toothbrush Dry Can Cultivate More Bacteria”

    January 02nd, 2014

    Most people follow a certain routine when it comes to brushing. They first put toothpaste on their brush, then starting brushing their mouth. Well-informed persons divide their mouth into quadrants to make sure they spend enough time for each quadrant and ensure that their mouths are thoroughly cleaned.

    These people also make it a habit to brush for the recommended frequency, choose the right bristles, and follow the right strokes such as brushing vertically or in a circular motion.

    After doing all the things on the checklist, most of these people are confident that they have done everything that ought to be done.However, these people often forget to let their toothbrushes dry after using them.

    Since letting the toothbrush dry is not on their checklist, they tend to ignore this important step every single day not knowing what can happen if they continue to do so. Not letting the toothbrush dry invites bacteria to thrive in your toothbrush.

    Hence, you need to let it air dry first before you store it. If you have storage for your toothbrush make sure the air can pass through the brush to get rid of moisture.

    This way you are preventing a buildup in bacteria. Once you lose a tooth, you’ll lose it forever so be very careful with them.

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