• Toothbrushing Mistake No.7: “Skipping Inner Tooth Surfaces Is Among the Most Common Brushing Mistakes”

    January 02nd, 2014

    Among the most common mistakes when brushing is skipping the inner tooth surfaces. As the person gets into brushing and covers more teeth, he or she often forgets to include the inner surfaces of the teeth before rinsing.

    Dentists point out that the plaque you can’t see is just as important to remove as the plaque or debris you can see (says Richard H. Price, DMD, the consumer adviser for the American Dental Association). Having a checklist of the key areas which need to be cleaned thoroughly can help you cover all parts of your mouth when brushing.

    Since the most common skipped area when brushing is the lower inner surfaces of the front teeth, it is best to alternate cleaning the inner surfaces first every time you brush. This way you can make sure that enough time and effort is given to those surfaces commonly skipped. Furthermore, make sure to use toothpaste with no or less alcohol since a stinging sensation makes you brush faster than usual.

    If you always brush your inner tooth surfaces at the end, then the tendency would be to always have less time to clean them or not reaching those parts because you wanted to finish brushing as soon as possible. The plaque on the inner surfaces could spread to other teeth hence tooth decay is still inevitable unless you make sure all teeth, gums, and tongue are cleaned.

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