• Toothbrushing Mistake No. 6 “Does Starting in the Same Place Each Time When Brushing Matter?”

    November 26th, 2013

    Experts say that starting in the same place each time when brushing could have a great impact on your overall oral health. Dr. Richard H. Price, DMD, the consumer advisor for the American Dental Association stressed that most people start in the same part or quadrant of their mouth over and over again.

    Starting in the same place each time makes you get lazy, covering the same place every time you’re brushing your teeth. This means that other parts of your mouth and teeth get less effort which may in turn increase cavity build up and tooth decay.

    Studies also show that most right handed individuals start at the upper left corner of their mouth when brushing, yet left handed people start at the upper right corner of their mouth. Since the initial effort put into brushing teeth is higher and decreases accordingly as we are about to finish brushing, the last parts of the mouth being cleaned will suffer.

    At the end of the brushing cycle the most common areas cleaned include inner surfaces, chewing surfaces, and the back of the teeth. In order to avoid uneven wear out, you need to start brushing on alternate sides of your mouth. This way you can ensure all teeth have equal chances of getting cleaned thoroughly.

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