• Toothbrushing Mistake No. 4 “Brushing too often or too hard”

    November 06th, 2013

    Most people think that brushing their teeth too often can save them and keep them healthy for  years to come. However, this is not always the case. Brushing of teeth should only be done between two to four times daily. Brushing them more than this recommended frequency is not healthy at all and can even be detrimental. Why? Brushing your teeth can cause your gums to recede hence when you brush too often, you’ll have a more sensitive teeth (one of the symptoms of gums receding).

    If you have the urge to brush frequently, try rinsing your mouth with non-alcoholic mouthwash instead so you’ll feel clean without having to brush too often. Brushing the teeth too often could expose the roots of your teeth to irritation therefore it is not a good habit to excessively brush your teeth. If you want to clean your teeth properly, you should not brush them too hard either.  This can corrode your enamel causing tooth decay.

    The technique is to brush them gently for about two to three minutes two to four times daily. Lastly, when you’re eating or drinking acidic foods or beverages, it is recommended you don’t brush right away. Waiting for around 30 minutes before brushing is appropriate to avoid damaging the enamel. Always remember, everything done excessively can have negative effects, and brushing your teeth to often or too hard is not an exception.

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