• How to Protect Your Braces During Sports Activities

    November 14th, 2012

    Proper mouth protection is recommended when you participate in any sports activities.If you wear braces, this protection becomes essential. Injuries to your mouthcan not only damage your teeth, but your braces could break and cut openyour lip.

    Full Facial Guards

    Full facial guards are often used in football or hockey, and offer protectionto your mouth from most injuries. Even with full facial protection, you maybenefit from additional mouth protection. While your face is protected fromoutside impact, you could still suffer from cuts or damage to your bracesfrom internal impact.

    Mouth Guards

    Mouth guards referred to as boil-and-bites can be purchased at many retail stores.As the name implies, these guards are boiled in water to heat and softenthe material. While the guard is still warm, you place it in your mouth andbite down gently. This causes the guard to form to the shape of your mouth.Unfortunately, these guards do not necessarily offer the best protectionor fit.

    Custom fitting of mouth guards ensures you of better protection and a comfortablefit. Custom guards are also built in layers for durability. The AmericanDental Association recommends custom guards for orthodontic patients. Yourmouth guard will be designed to provide proper protection for both your teethand your braces.

    No matter what type of sport you participate in, a mouth guard can protect yourbraces. Even an activity as seemingly harmless as table tennis can resultin a contact injury. The Academy for Sports Dentistry states that a properlyfitted mouth guard should not interfere with any athletic activity.

    Our office will provide you with information on how you can get properly fittingmouth protection, in order to ensure the safety of your braces and your teeth.We will be glad to answer any questions you have so you can continue theactivities you enjoy with little concern. If you do suffer any injuries toyour mouth or braces during sporting activities, please contact us immediately.The sooner we can care for your mouth, the better the results will be.

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